Al Nassr Riyadh-Al-Taawon (8pm)

Al Nassr Riyadh-Al-Taawon (8pm)


The first suggestion in this case is related to the combobet x2+over 1.5 (best odds 1.46 on GoldBet), while the ambitious alternative is related to the multigoal 2-3 (best odds 2.00 on SNAI). Last play is the one based on the goal outcome (best odds 1.72 on Williamhill).

Al Nassr Riyadh-Al-Taawon (8pm)

Bitter start to the championship for Manè’s new team, a player who inevitably left Bayern Munich after the sensational argument on the pitch last season, who immediately left his mark with a goal that arrived after just 4 minutes, a marking rendered useless given the two goals conceded in the second half. Moving on to the guests instead, we must look at the draw achieved on Al Fateh’s pitch as the classic glass half full given the numerous scoring opportunities created, but in the end the defeat did not come only thanks to a post hit by the opponents.


Trust in the hosts and related gaming advice regarding the 1+over 1.5 combobet (best odds 1.40 on SNAI), which allows you to get a decent odds, while those who aspire to ambitious alternatives can take into consideration the partial/final outcome x-1 (best odds 3.90 on GoldBet). Last proposal based on the combobet x first half or final (best odds 2.20 on Better).

Al Wehda-Al Shabab (8pm)

Great anger at Al Wehda after the unfortunate match lost in the first outing of the season, with numerous scoring opportunities literally thrown away due to too much haste, but also due to the decisive saves by the opposing goalkeeper. Now it’s time to turn the page and look for the first points of the season on friendly soil, against an opponent who didn’t go beyond a draw in their debut home match despite 64% ball possession.


First game choice relating to the home team scores outcome (best odds 1.33 on GoldBet), while the ambitious alternative is that relating to outcome x (best odds 3.60 on SNAI), which in my opinion presents a anomalous share. Last bet is the combobet over 0.5 first half + over 0.5 second half (best odds 1.56 on Better).

Not even time to archive the first day and after three days we return to the field for the second day of the Saudi Pro League, in fact there will be two matches scheduled on Thursday 17 August, starting from the 5pm match which will see the hosts of Damac is looking for redemption after the defeat on his debut, while in prime time the ambitious Al Ahli SC of Firmino, Kessie and Mahrez returns to the field, literally unleashed on their first outing. But let’s now come to the analysis of the two Saudi Pro League matches, with the related game suggestions.

Damac-Al Riyadh (5pm)

Bitter debut for Damac who was narrowly defeated in his first outing on the Al Taee pitch, a very balanced match decided twelve minutes from the end of the match by a goal from Al Harabi who had just entered the pitch for three minutes. Now the calendar offers Al Riyadh as an opponent, instead returning from a rather lucky success which arrived thanks to a goal scored with the most classic of counterattacks by Musona, but the goalkeeper’s saves, the errors in front of goal due to the too much haste from the Al Wehda attackers and also a good dose of luck on the best occasions.


Let’s start from the first game choice which in this case is based on the 1x+under 3.5 combobet (best odds 1.70 on SNAI), while as an ambitious alternative I suggest the 2-3 multigoal (best odds 2.00 on GoldBet), offered by the market to double. Finally, as the last choice, here is the combobet over 0.5 first half + over 0.5 second half (best odds 1.54 on Better).

Al Khaleej-Al Ahli SC (8pm)

Literally explosive impact for a Firmino capable of even scoring a hat-trick in his first official match with the Al Ahli SC shirt, a match dominated far and wide thanks to the contribution of the new arrivals who inevitably raised the technical level of the squad, making in fact the guests as serious candidates for the title of champion of Arabia. The opponent of the day was Al Khaleej, brutally defeated on the Al Fehia pitch, who closed the match already in the first half with two goals to their credit, which contributed to the final 3-1.


The visiting team is definitely the favorite and to get an important share I suggest the combobet 2+over 1.5 (best odds 1.75 on GoldBet), while as a second game choice here is the multigoal 3-4 (best odds 2.30 on GoldBet). Better). Last bet is the one concerning the outcome under 3.5 (best odds 1.40 on SNAI).

After the anticipation of Friday evening among the great disappointments of this season, here comes the classic double appointment on Saturday as regards Ligue 1, with the first match scheduled for the afternoon at the Beaujoire stadium in Nantes, where the local team will challenge Montpellier. In the evening then here is the appointment with the big match between Lille and Marseille, teams that have important European objectives to pursue, so here is the analysis of the two matches, with the related game suggestions.

Nantes-Montpellier (5pm)

Absolutely disastrous season for a Nantes team who were fairly protagonists in the Europa League where they were eliminated with their heads held high by Juventus, while in the league the situation literally worsened after a negative series characterized by 12 rounds without the joy of victory. In the standings the hosts now find themselves in the relegation zone with a fourth-to-last place, one point behind newly promoted Auxerre, a situation that can obviously still be remedied but which creates a lot of anxiety for a fan base that is experiencing first-hand the specter of sensational relegation.

Montpellier’s championship now has nothing to offer, without particular ranking ambitions considering the current 44 points which are worth a twelfth place to 11 on the relegation zone. A team that is very unaccustomed to the division of the stakes, with only 5 results since the start of the tournament, alternating with 13 victories and 17 defeats, without forgetting a goal difference that shows little tactical balance.


Considering the null motivations of the guests, I don’t think it’s so absurd to bet on outcome 1 (best odds 2.15 on GoldBet), while those who want to limit the risks can take into consideration the under 1.5 first half outcome (best odds 1.40 on SNAI). Third and final choice which is finally based on the corner outcome over 9.5 (best odds 1.69 on Better).

Lille-Marseille (9pm)

The defeat suffered against Reims and the subsequent goalless draw against Monaco have undoubtedly slowed down the progress of a Lille team which not only sees the Europa League zone move away decisively, but also sees the qualification for the Conference League at risk given the advantage just one length behind Rennes.

Four victories in the last five days of the championship for a Marseille team that is now practically certain of at least accessing the Champions League preliminaries given the 8 point advantage over Monaco, but there is still hope of qualifying directly for the group stage given the two points behind Lens with three rounds to go in Ligue 1.


Game certainly with all the characteristics for a goal outcome (best odds 1.57 on GoldBet), which undoubtedly becomes the first game choice, while as an ambitious alternative I suggest outcome x (best odds 3.60 on SNAI), the whose value well exceeds tripling.

Four rounds after the end of the transalpine tournament, the games seem to be over as regards the assignment of the title, firmly in the hands of Galtier’s men, while behind them we witness the exciting duel between Lens and Marseille who compete for second place, useful to avoid the preliminary phase of the Champions League. Lens is precisely the protagonist of the advance relating to the 35th round of Ligue 1, which will be played on Friday evening at the Bollaert-Delelis stadium, so here is the analysis of this match, with the related playing advice.

Lens-Reims (9pm)

In the previous round, Lens was the protagonist of the important success in the direct clash against Tudor’s Marseille, a result that allows them to overtake in the standings on the one hand and above all a serious threat to qualification for the next edition of the Champions League. A championship therefore as a great protagonist for a club that represents a municipality of 36,540 inhabitants, which most likely faces the most important football reality on the European continent. The local team has the lowest number of defeats, four to be precise, but also the best internal performance with a flattering balance sheet of 15 wins, 1 draw and one defeat, while in terms of goal difference the data of the best defense of the team emerges tournament, with only 26 goals conceded.

After three defeats in a row, Reims returns to celebrate the victory by narrowly overcoming Lille, a result which however does not improve the ranking situation much, with a tenth place at -9 from the Conference League zone, a gap too wide to cradle dreams ambitious. On a statistical level, the highest number of draws stands out in particular, 14 in this case, alternating with 12 victories and 8 defeats.


Let’s move on to the first game suggestion which in this case is related to outcome 1 (best odds 1.57 on GoldBet), while the ambitious alternative is related to multigoal 2-3 (best odds 2.10 on Better). Finally, as the third and final solution, here is the under 1.5 first half result (best odds 1.45 on SNAI).

After the preview on Friday evening, here comes the classic double fixture on Saturday which will continue the programming of the 32nd round of Ligue 1, with Lille protagonist on the pitch of the newly promoted Auxerre in the late afternoon slot, while in the early evening an interesting match will be staged high ranking match between Lens and Monaco. Here is the presentation of the individual events, with the related predictions.

Auxerre-Lille (5pm)

Three victories in a row for the hosts Auxerre who finally leave the slums of the Ligue 1 rankings, with a three point advantage over the red zone which obviously isn’t enough to lift their foot off the accelerator. Opponents of the day were Lille capable of winning three of the last four matches, a brilliant change of pace that allowed them to overtake Rennes and reach fifth place useful for accessing the preliminary phase of the Conference League.


Let’s start from the first gaming tip which in this case concerns the simple outcome over 1.5 (best odds 1.26 on GoldBet), while for the more demanding ones they can take into consideration the outcome x (best odds 3.90 on SNAI ), which the market offers at a value sensationally close to quadrupling! Finally, as the third and final choice I propose the corner outcome over 8.5 (best odds 1.52 on Better).

Lens-Monaco (9pm)

Lens’ boundless ambition comes to a halt at the Parc des Princes in the presence of the illegal duo formed by Messi and Mbappè who used all their talent to eliminate the unscrupulousness of an adversary fired upon by a thousand, a knockout suffered against PSG which cost the loss of second place thanks to the simultaneous victory of Marseille.

Monaco enters this match on the strength of the three victories they have collected in the last four matchdays, a brilliant step which has significantly brought the red and whites closer to today’s opponents, now only two points distant, a context which therefore potentially serves the possible overtaking in the rankings in case of victory in today’s match.


A game that on paper promises enormous fun and therefore the first gaming choice falls entirely on the outcome over 2.5 (best odds 1.75 on SNAI), while the profitable alternative is based on the outcome x (best odds 3, 60 on GoldBet), whose value well exceeds tripling. Third proposal which in this case relates to the multigoal 2-4 (best odds 1.53 on Better).

After the midweek matches which saw the defeats of the two French Cup finalists, here comes the appointment with the three advance matches of the 33rd round of Ligue 1 which will be played on the first Saturday of May. All eyes will be on the evening match in particular, which will see the two leaders of PSG face each other, but here is the analysis of the individual matches, with the relevant playing advice.

Nice-Rennes (5pm)

After three knockouts in a row, the Rossoneri of Nice obtained a precious away victory on the pitch of a Troyes now one step away from relegation, a result that consolidates their mid-table position, with practically zero hopes of qualifying for an international competition. The calendar now proposes Rennes as an opponent, fresh from the painful draw against bottom-placed Angers, yet another proof of a rather critical general condition, which has contributed to slipping out of the European positions, with a gap of three points from the Conference League zone .


A match that is not easy to predict where in my opinion it is better to bet on the goal outcome (best odds 1.80 on GoldBet), while the ambitious alternative is related to the x outcome (best odds 3.25 on SNAI). Finally, as a final suggestion, here is the corner result over 7.5 (best odds 1.29 on Better).

Reims-Lille (7pm)

There is no longer any trace of the surprising team coached by a true neophyte on the bench, in fact Reims went into a negative streak of four rounds of the championship in which they forfeited a mere one point, consequently slipping to eleventh position in a context of absolute anonymity. Moving on to Lille instead, the three victories in the last five matchdays have allowed them to climb to fifth position, just two points away from the Europa League zone, which therefore remains a tangible achievement.


Outcome 2 should be tried without delay (best odds 2.00 on SNAI), which the market offers at a value equal to doubling, while those who want to limit risks can take multigoal 2-4 into consideration (best odds 1.54 on GoldBet). Finally, the last piece of advice relates to the corner outcome over 8.5 (best odds 1.60 on Better).

Lens-Marseille (9pm)

The PSG crisis aggravated by the sensational rift between Messi and the Capitoline club represents a sensational own goal for a league leaders that loses all certainty, seriously putting at risk a title that seemed to have effectively been archived.

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